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Nobody wants to be in pain and the folks in Round Rock, Texas and the surrounding community has access to emergency dental care at the Sam Bass Family Dentistry. In addition to full dental emergency care, services include cosmetic dentistry, preventative dentistry, and general dentistry, thanks to Dr. Rupa Govindarajan.

Dental Emergency Q & A

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any situation that cannot wait for a regular appointment. Examples of dental emergencies include oral trauma such as broken or loose teeth following an automobile accident or physical altercation. Other emergencies include pain prior to or following a dental procedure, or dental hardware that is loose or broken. A broken bridge or a loose crown would constitute a dental emergency because both pose a risk to choking. If you are not sure if you have a dental emergency, just call us.

What Types of Services Are Provided During a Dental Emergency Appointment?

Emergency dental procedures range from stabilizing a situation to full surgery. If you have a broken tooth, Dr. G will stabilize the tooth and place a temporary crown over the tooth. If time permits, she may do all of the prep work involved for ordering and fitting a crown. If you have pain, she will diagnose the problem and then correct the situation so that you are pain-free. The general procedure is to stabilize the problem and then follow up with a second appointment to permanently correct the issue. Some dental procedures require more than one visit.

How Do I Make an Emergency Dental Appointment?

The best way to make sure you are seen is to call us directly. We do offer online appointment setting but an emergency situation requires that you talk to us directly. We can help you be seen faster and prepare for your appointment.

When Should I Go To the Hospital Versus Going to the Dentist for an Emergency?

Any time that your situation is life-threatening you should call 911. If you have a fever that persists and you are not sure of its origin you should see your primary care doctor or go to the emergency room. If you know that the issue is dental-related, then come see us. We offer full dental emergency care but are not equipped to handle all medical emergencies, such as a heart attack.

Insurance Providers

We accept the following insurance providers and we accept all PPO plans.

Assurant Health
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Connection Dental
Delta Dental
Evolution Healthcare
Medicaid (TMHP) - MCNA, CHIP, DentaQuest - Under 21
United Healthcare